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Black Orchids Download ´ 100 ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Black Orchids Author Rex Stout – Not much can get Wolfe to leave his comfortable brownstone but the showing of a rare black orchid lures him to a flower show Unfortunately the much anticipated event is soon overshadowed by a murder a Not much can get Wolfe tT is soon overshadowed by a murder as daring as it is sudden It’s a case of weeding out a cunning killer who can turn up anywhere and Wolfe must do it uickly Becau. Two novellas originally published in 1942 to entertain you Black Orchids Anyone who is familiar with Nero Wolfe knows that he rarely leaves his brownstone on West 35th Street in New York City The only exceptions are for food and orchids In this case it is the latter Black orchids to be exactInitially Wolfe dispatches his able assistant and legman Archie Goodwin to report on the rare plants on display at a flower show Archie it would appear is interested in the legs of a model than any orchids so on fourth day of the flower show Wolfe has to see for himself Of course there has to be a murder Right in the middle of the flower show and in full view of everyoneFor Wolfe it is an opportunity to get his hands on those black orchids This was a very entertaining story Rex Stout at his wittiest Wolfe leaving his home women in the house including one in the kitchen teaching Wolfe and Fritz how to cook corned beef hash Wolfe and Inspector Cramer locking horns And in the end Wolfe will expose the identity of the murderer and earn his black orchids An enjoyable read Cordially Invited to Meet Death The story opens with a famous New York party organizer asking Nero Wolfe to play a detective in a party game Wolfe is naturally offended and refuses to be the center of such entertainment Some time passes when she calls on Wolfe again Clients have been getting poison pen letters She believes she know who is responsible and wants Wolfe to prove it Reluctantly Wolfe agrees to take the case and dispatches his assistant and legman Archie Goodwin His client dies and at first it appears to be an accident but where Nero Wolfe is there are no accidents Of course it is murder and it is up to Wolfe to prove itWhat ties these two stories together is black orchids You will have to read the stories to find out how Very entertaining and nostalgic A trip back to a different era

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Not much can get Wolfe to leave his comfortable brownstone but the showing of a rare black orchid lures him to a flower show Unfortunately the much anticipated even. I am very late to the audio book fan club Part of my dislike was that I'd mostly tried to experience them in a gymnasium while on a tread mill With headphones And noisy machines all around me Then I tried them on my phone and found the sound uality so poor that I couldn't stand to listen to it Yes I'm all about that bass when I listen to anythingNow that I've invested in a pretty little Altec Lansing blue tooth speaker my life has changed Ta da And even so because I can lie in my bed and check out an audio book from my local library via my Libby app and never pay a late fine againFor my first foray into this wonderful new world I chose an old favorite Black Orchids by Rex Stout Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin My good old friends This audio book had obviously been updated from a cassette as at inervals the narrator would instruct me to 'reverse or turn over the cassette' It was oddly charmingThe story held up well to the passage of time It takes place in the 1940's with the language of that era One thing that made me smile was when Nero was forced to used the pronoun 'he' to indicate one person of a mixed group of suspects and he lamented that the pronoun excluded the female suspects Obviously Rex Stout ws a writer well ahead of his timeIt's a good solid mystery And I really enjoyed it when one of the characters referred to Archie as a 'two bit Clark Gable' And Archie's further ruminations on that epithetI had several lovely afternoons with my old friends I hope you'll want to make their acuaintance If you enjoy them you probably have a whole winter of reading ahead of you Rex Stout wrote uite a series of their adventures You can follow them through the decades

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Black OrchidsSe a second case awaits his urgent attention a society widow on a mailing list of poison pen letters leading to a plot as dark as any orchid Wolfe has ever encounter. Each of the Bantam reprints of the Nero Wolfe books has an introduction by a mystery author and this one is by Lawrence Block an author I haven’t yet dipped into — oh so many books so little time In the intro Block says “those of us who reread Rex Stout do so for the pure joy of spending a few hours in the most congenial household in American letters and in the always engaging company of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin” I couldn’t have said it better myselfThis edition contains two novellas Black Orchids and Cordially invited to Meet Death Rex Stout as Archie puts it this way I don’t know how many guesses there have been in the past year around bars and dinner tables as to how Nero Wolfe got hold of the black orchids so here in this book are two separate Nero Wolfe cases two different sets of people The first is the low down on how Wolfe got the orchids and what do you suppose he did with them I mean a bunch of the blossoms I saw them myself there on a corner of the casket with a card he had scribbled his initials on “NW” I put this case here with the other one only on account of the orchidsIn Black Orchids Wolfe sends Archie to a big Flower Show to look at a special hybrid of black orchids being displayed by its developer named Hewitt In fact Wolfe sends Archie to look at the orchids every day to see if they show any wilt Eventually Wolfe has to go see for himselfOf course a murder occurs while they are there Wolfe has been talking to Hewitt trying to get one or of the orchids from him when it’s discovered Hewitt’s cane was used as an instrument in the murder Wolfe pounces — he will solve the mystery and clear Hewitt’s name in return for the orchids all three of themHe does Cramer gets the last word on the orchids though ’They’re pretty’ Cramer said politely turning to go ‘Kind of drab though Not much color I like geraniums better’As for the second story — wow Has Wolfe had any other client who was murdered before he solved their case He was hired by a woman named Bess Huddleston a party planner to Society to find out who was sending poisoned pen letters about her An interesting detail but only minorly relevant is that Miss Huddleston owned a large estate in the country and kept a menagerie of both human and non human animal species The humans included a brother a nephew and two assistants; the non humans consisted of a chimpanzee two bears and an indeterminate number of alligatorsAnyway Miss Huddleston contracted tetanus from a cut; she wasn’t given a tetanus shot in time and thus died uite horribly before Wolfe had determined who had wielded the poisoned pen It was to her funeral that Wolfe sent the black orchids After the poisoned penmurderer was exposed Archie makes these notes about the remaining mystery of why Wolfe honored her with the precious orchids1 He knew I would go to the funeral and he sent that bunch of orchids purely and simply to pester me2 Something from his past When he was young and handsome and Bess Heddleston was ditto they might have been – uh acuainted As for her not recognizing him I doubt if his own mother would as is And there’s no doubt he has fifteen or twenty pasts; I know that much about him3 He was paying a debt He knew or had an idea that she was going to be murdered from something someone said that first day he felt he owed her something so he sent her what Just some orchids any old orchids No sir Black ones The first black orchids ever seen on a coffin anywhere on the globe since the dawn of history Debt canceled Paid in full File receipted bills4