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Read & Download The Unconsoled 104 Ý ❰Epub❯ ➚ The Unconsoled Author Kazuo Ishiguro – Con una escritura a la vez onírica y naturalista se teje esta obra enigmática colmada de peueñas narraciones ue se adentran en el laberinto de la narración principal donde la figura del concertist Con una escritura a la Con una escritura a la vez onírica y naturalista se teje esta obra enigmática colmada de peueñas narraciones ue se adentran en el laberinto de la narración principal donde la figura del. Having loved all his other novels I finally got around to reading Ishiguro's The Unconsoled and boy was it strange and wonderful I'd heard a vast array of opinions about this book from It is one of my top ten novels of all time to I loved it in a tense uncomfortable way to it was an unmitigated train wreck It's always intriguing to me when a book attracts such a wide variety of reactions so I was looking forward to The Unconsoled for that reason It also just so happens that I read Ishiguro in what you might call increasing order of weirdness and I had heard that this is indeed his weirdest book There is something deeply satisfying about continuing my trajectory in this way although at this point I doubt it's sustainable any longer it would be uite a challenge to write a stranger book than this oneOf course many of its strange ualities have been explored before The surreality the language of dreams and nightmares in which the protagonist tries in vain to accomplish simple tasks the sudden and confusing shifts in setting and perspective the garbled rationale and bizarre priorities of the natives in a strangely familiar city all of these elements have been combined and recombined to create the Kafkaesue genre That said this book does all of these things in a way that seems tense and fluid than many other dreamlike stories I've read Ishiguro really captures the shifting sands of perception that mark a dreamlike consciousness At the same time he manages to maintain cohesion within the narrative just barely at times but he manages it Sometimes the balance between the surreality and the sense of coherent character and voice feels like a virtuosic juggling act that the performer is just barely pulling off; the audience is poised at the edge of their seats transfixed at the intricate patterns traced by the juggled objects and simultaneously nervous that they will at any moment come crashing down on the performer's headAppropriately then the main character of The Unconsoled IS a performer Ryder a famous English pianist revisiting a city which may or may not already be familiar to him where he is supposed to give a performance which may or may not be very important in a variety of ways One of the things I loved about this novel was the uniue way that relationships slid in and out of focus; a few pages after seeking out the daughter of an acuaintance in a café Ryder will gradually remember and details about her Although it is at first implied that they have just met they are soon having conversations that suggest a long history of mutual resentments and shared hopes attacking and reassuring each other in a manner reminiscent of a dysfunctional long term relationship Ryder's own emotions and thought processes regarding the happiness and mental health of the woman's son Boris achieve a level of intensity appropriate to a stepfather than a chance acuaintance and Boris' own reactions to Ryder indicate a deep desire for approval reminiscent of a neglected child At the same time the closeness of Ryder's relationships with mother and child is never explicitly stated and seems to wax and wane unpredictably throughout the novelIn a similar vein the life stories of different characters start to mirror and imitate one another in eerie and intriguing ways Having been drawn into a conversation with the hotel porter Gustav about how Gustav has fallen into the habit of never speaking directly to his daughter Ryder gradually adopts the same practice toward Boris his sometime son Witnessing the fraught relationship between the hotel manager Hoffman and his son Stephan either suggests to or reminds Ryder of his own nebulous connection with his parents who may or may not be arriving in the unnamed city to hear him play the piano for the first time in many years The reader is never sure the extent to which the conversations and stories going on around Ryder create his perceived world the extent to which he is extrapolating his own story outward onto those around him and the extent to which a complex dynamic is at work The primal fears involved in many of these interactions rejection by parents arriving unprepared for important performances the sudden realization that one's actions have been wildly inappropriate add another level to the uestion of what Ryder is half creating and what he perceives; there is a sense that we may be caught in an uncontrollable spiral continually creating the worlds we dread through the very act of dreading themThis sense of inappropriate behavior is a constant throughout The Unconsoled and it runs the gamut from exhilarating to horrifying to surprisingly unexceptional Nobody seems to notice for example when Ryder shows up to a fancy dress event in his dressing gown and slippers and Ryder himself is strangely nonreactive when a journalist and photographer who are interviewing him commence talking about him as if her weren't present planning how they will flatter and distract him into making unwise publicity decisions On the other hand he is horrified when the mourners at a funeral stop their sobbing to flock around him and deluge him with manic adulation searching their pockets for refreshments to offer him and castigating themselves for having only a small piece of cellophane wrapped cake In one of my favorite scenes in the novel Ryder and his wife or maybe just casual acuaintance Sophie attend a late night showing of 2001 A Space Odyssey an alternate universe version of the film involving interstellar gunfights between Yul Brenner and Clint Eastwood who star as the astronauts who must dismantle HAL The atmosphere in the theater is depicted as almost carnivalesue with people laughing talking playing cards in the aisles and most bizarrely rolling onto their backs with their legs in the air shrieking with mirth whenever anyone needs to inch by their seats This is the flip side to the terrifying or disconcerting abandonment of logical behavior in other sections a giddy liberating feeling which pervades the theater and lets the locals as the hotel manager puts it unwindBut the strangest narrative uirk of The Unconsoled is the way in which Ryder occasionally takes casual notice of a long complicated back story just by looking at a person in the same way that he might notice a runny nose or a lipstick smudge The first time this happens as Gustav is showing him around his hotel room I found the trick strangely disorienting and actually doubled back to see whether I had missed a small phrase such as I found out later or he would go on to tell me But as I went on with the novel and similar incidents followed it struck me as a very clever way to play with narrative Readers are already familiar after all with narrators who notice small physical details about people they're observing and even make assumptions or draw conclusions based on those observations The next illogical step in a novel of surreal perceptions taken to grotesue heights is the ability to simply perceive another person's thoughts feelings past or present actions simply by looking at or thinking about them So for example Ryder can take casual notice of Gustav's preoccupied air in the hotel room and also casually notice that the porter is worried about his daughter who has been handing off her son on certain days so that she can do errands and then Gustav has reason to believe not doing the errands after all Similarly he can be waiting in the car with Boris while Stephan Hoffman runs an errand at a woman's apartment and tell us how he watches Stephan climb the stairs and ring the bell then recount his conversation with the woman as he enters the apartment and follows her down the hall recounting the interior design as well as the conversation Then in case the reader is thinking that Ryder must have followed Stephen into the apartment after all he writes that his attention was recalled by a noise made by Boris and goes on to interact with the boy within the confines of the car The liuidity of perception here is masterfully done and once I cottoned on to this uniue little trick I uite enjoyed the experience of having the narrative stretch and balloon in unexpected and sometimes humorous directionsJust as Ryder describes audiences reacting to the ultra modern musical pieces performed in the novel I loved The Unconsoled on a purely aesthetic basis I'm not sure what lasting messages or morals I'll take away from it beyond a sense of the universality of human fears and fallibility but the tense intriguing mood and skewed shadowy universe it created are still tangible to me days after closing the covers

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E en el transcurso de tres días se tejen alrededor de Ryder un renombrado pianista ue llega a cierta ciudad de Europa Central para conceder un recital de piano ue no recuerda haber apalabra. 45 stars The Unconsoled is at once humorous touching uncanny and intricately beautifully absurd My words are failing me at present; the best I can do to describe this paralyzing captivating reading experience is to say that my inability to wrench my eyes from the page even when my mind was desperately claustrophobic and screaming for air felt remarkably similar to the exuisitely unbearable compulsion which gripped the narrator in his childhood “My ‘training sessions’ had come about uite unplanned I had been playing by myself out in the lane one grey afternoon—absorbed in some fantasy climbing in and out of a dried out ditch running between a row of poplars and a field—when I had suddenly felt a sense of panic and a need for the company of my parents Our cottage had not been far away—I had been able to see the back of it across the field—and yet the feeling of panic had grown rapidly until I had been all but overcome by the urge to run home at full speed across the rough grass But for some reason—perhaps I had uickly associated the sensation with immaturity—I had forced myself to delay my departure There had not been any uestion in my mind that I would very soon start to run across the field It was simply a matter of holding back that moment with an effort of will for several seconds The strange mixture of fear and exhilaration I had experienced as I had stood there transfixed in the dried out ditch was one that I was to come to know well in the weeks that followed For within days my ‘training sessions’ had become a regular and important feature of my life In time they had acuired a certain ritual so that as soon as I felt the earliest signs of my need to return home I would make myself go to a special spot along the lane under a large oak tree where I would remain standing for several minutes fighting off my emotions Often I would decide I had done enough that I could now set off only to pull myself back again forcing myself to remain under the tree for just a few seconds There was no doubting the strange thrill that had accompanied the growing fear and panic of these occasions a sensation which perhaps accounted for the somewhat compulsive hold my ‘training sessions’ came to have over me” This sensation gradually but inexorably turned into something of a perverse pleasure and I found myself beginning to savor the feeling of sinking in uicksand enmired immobile and utterly confined For while this novel was often painful to read it became ever painful to stop

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The UnconsoledConcertista de piano conecta una historia de guerras del pasado exilios y crueldades relaciones imposibles entre padres e hijos maridos y mujeres ciudades y artistas Un caudal de historias u. The Unconsoled Kazuo IshiguroThe Unconsoled is a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro first published in 1995 The novel takes place over a period of three days It is about Ryder a famous pianist who arrives in a central European city to perform a concert He is entangled in a web of appointments and promises which he cannot seem to remember struggling to fulfill his commitments before Thursday night's performance frustrated with his inability to take controlتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و هفتم ماه جولای سال 2008 میلادیعنوان تسلی‌ ناپذیر؛ نویسنده کازوئو ایشی گورو، مترجم سهیل سمی؛ تهران، ققنوس، 1386؛ در 736ص؛ چاپ دوم 1388؛ شابک 9789643116781؛ چاپ سوم 1392؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ژاپنی تبار بریتانیایی سده 20مداستان «تسلی ناپذیر»، یکی از دیگرگونه ترین رمان‌های «کازوئو ایشی گورو»، و همچنین یکی از نابترین فرم‌های روایی، در ادبیات داستانی معاصر است؛ داستان مرد پیانیستی است، که برای اجرای مراسمی، به شهری غریب آمده است؛ او وارد شهر می‌شود، و هماره با رخدادهای ویژه و گوناگونی رودررو می‌شود؛ نامش «رایدر» است، و یکی از مشاهیر موسیقی کشور و جهان، به شمار می‌آید؛ همگان در این شهر، به او احترام می‌گذارند، و او را به عنوان یک نابغه ی موسیقی، می‌شناسند؛ نامکانی شهر، و نوع رخدادها، رمان را به کارهای «کافکا» بسیار شبیه کرده است؛ «رایدر» وارد شهر می‌شود، و رخدادها، پی در پی، مسیر زندگی ایشان را در دست می‌گیرند؛ او با زنیکه در کودکی هم‌بازیش بوده؛ دیدار می‌کند؛ به جشن‌ها و مراسمی دعوت می‌شود، و در خلال رخدادها، هر لحظه مسیر داستان، دیگر می‌شود؛ بی‌راه نیست اگر درباره ی این داستان گفته شود، که هر لحظه باید منتظر رخدادی بود؛ به گفته ی یکی از منتقدان، رمان شبیه به مخلوط کنی می‌ماند، که خوانشگر را درگیر خودش می‌کند، و در انتها همه چیز به حالت نخستین خویش باز برمی‌گردد؛ «تسلی ناپذیر» داستانی‌ست، پر از نشانه‌ ها، و اشارات داستانی، همه چیز در نهایت سادگی، در هم گره خورده‌ اند؛ خبرنگاری که ابتدای داستان، به سراغ «رایدر» می‌آید، در جای دیگری و در نقش دیگری، حضور پیدا می‌کند؛ انگار شخصیت‌های داستان، همگی در زندگی یکدیگر دخیل بوده‌ اند، و حال هیچ یادمانی از هم ندارند؛ شاید نویسنده میخواسته شخصیت‌هایش را در موقعیت‌هایی قرار دهد، که آنها یادمانهای خود را مرور کنند، و به آرامش و تسلی برسند؛ «رایدر» از همه فرار می‌کند، و باز هم به هر انسانی که می‌رسد، می‌بیند که با او نیز یادمانی مشترک داشته، و زندگی و رخدادی تازه شکل می‌گیرد؛ رخدادهایی که خود بدل به یادمان می‌شوند، و آغازگر رخدادهای تازه نیز هستند؛ می‌توان گفت، چکیده ی قصه ی این کتاب، گریز از خاطرات، برای رسیدن به یک آرامش باشد؛ یادمانهایی که انسان را رنج می‌دهند، و هر آن، و به بی‌ارتباط‌ترین براهین می‌توانند سراغ انسان بیایند، تا او را از فضایی بیرون، و وارد فضایی تازه، سازند؛ «ایشی گورو» برنده ی جایزه «بوکر» بوده، و همواره به عنوان یکی از شانس‌های نخست «نوبل» نیز به شمار می‌آمدند؛ این رمان توسط جناب «سهیل سمی»، و از سوی نشر «ققنوس» روانه بازار کتاب شده است؛ «ایشی گورو» شاید، از کمشمار نویسندگانی باشند، که در این سن، همه ی آثارشان، به زبان فارسی ترجمه شده، و خوشایند خوانشگران قرار گرفته استتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 15041399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی