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review The Bloodgate Guardian The Maya Bloodgates #1 109 Ó [Reading] ➸ The Bloodgate Guardian The Maya Bloodgates #1 By Joely Sue Burkhart – Worlds within worlds await through the Maya Bloodgate Dr Jaid Merritt doesn't do digs The last time she ventured into the jungle someone died Now she's content Worlds within worlds await through the Maya Guardian The eBook #10003 Bloodgate Dr Jaid Merritt doesn't do digs The last time she ventured into the jungle someone died Now she's content to decipher Maya glyphs from The Bloodgate MOBI #8608 pictures sent to her by her famous archaeologist father But when he goes missing while trying to perform. The Bloodgate Guardian handles a new topic for me Mayan history and legend This novel is about Dr Jaid Merrit the Un Indiana Jones Alone for that term I love this book Just kidding Jaid is a born archologist Her dad is a famous personality in this area and he sacrificed most of his personal life to become what he is Jaid always stood in his shadow She is an even greater mind than he is but since a dramatic accident in her past she has a huge fear of actually attending a dig so she stays at home and loses herself in decrypting the Mayan language She definetely is not one of those kick ass heroines She'a afraid a lot but I can totally related to that She felt so real exactly like I would feel if I would been thrown into that story So what happens The last few months she decrypted a special text for her dad and when she receives an video mail form her dad telling her that it works she can't believe her own eyes She sees how her dad falls into the deep Gate in an Mayan Temple The Bloodgate What should she do now Just give up all hope and live with the fact that her dad is for always lost or should she be stronger than her fears and actually go on a dig She does the second and it is an action packed rideWe meet Ruin at the actual Bloodgate First thing I completely adore his name I'm so happy Joely could keep it because it fit him just right I love the way it reflects his history Nothing better than a name with a meaning Ruin is the gatekeeper and older than we can imagine to ever become He has issues with himself and his past actions He's one of those brooding heroes I love so much He made a huge mistake in the past or so he believes and he just can't forgive himself He wants to safe his damned brother but he also believes that this would make everything worse And with worse I mean causing apocalypse He has a very set mind and won't change his opinion a tiny bit When he meets Jaid his hardness starts to crack He never felt that way near a woman She is everything he would have not even dared to dream of He's fascinated by her mind and character and would do anything to save her and keep her happy That's a thing he was always afraid of He always was the selfless brother and he has a hard time accepting his unconditional love for JaidI loved the way Ruin and Jaid interacted They fit together and you can feel the chemistry in every word they spoke That's a thing I noticed in than one of Joely books she knows how to make the couple perfect They aren't all the same but they are uniue in their own way but every time I read one of her books it feels like Yes that's the way they should be They aren't without flaws or an easy fit but just never could imagine one of them with a different character Her couples are real than most in romance novels they always speak to my heart and touch me deep insideOne of the things I enjoyed most about this book besides the romance was the wonderful detailed way Joely described the Mayan history and artifacts Perhaps that's the dormant archeologist in me waking up but I was highly fascinated by each small piece of information or tidbit of background info about that topic I have to admit that Mayan history wasn't something I was interested in before I was always an Egypt kind of girl and I have a million of books to prove that but Joely drew my attention and yes I already watched a few documentations about the Maya's after finishing this book Reading the Bloodgate Guardian felt like watching Indiana Jones thrilling and fascinating and even better with a spicy romanceThe Bloodgate Guardian is story than romance focused and I surprisingly I liked it even because of that The story building is masterly done and I'm so intrigued by the whole setting that I can't wait to get book 2 in this seriesHighly recommended for everyone who likes a thrilling plot breathtaking action and touch of romance

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As the guardian for all time He was unable to stop Dr Charles Merritt from opening the gates and now demons roam this world The last thing he wants to do is hurt the beautiful woman who is somehow infused with his magic but if she uses the codex to retrieve her father Ruin must do his duty And this time he won't fail Even if it kills him Again. The Bloodgate Guardian by Joely Sue Burkhart was my first foray into her world of fiction And what a world it is Her skills are evident in the research of the subject matter and in the layers of intrigue as she weaves the fantastic with the mundane Though I’ve always had an interest in archaeology and ruins I seldom read fantasy that encompasses those areas I decided to take a chance on this book however and see if it would be as boring and butchered as I feared To my delight I thoroughly enjoyed it Few fantasies delve into Mayan culture to the extent covered here So it was like a breath of fresh air to read about Mayan ruins religion and culture and modern man’s attempts to uncover secrets better left alone Ms Burkhart’s use of language location history and folklore impart a sense of credibility to the tale Tying these together is a story of human greed rejection death despair triumph and love and they’re woven tightly enough to allow me to suspend disbelief Written in first person split narrative there were occasional bumps where the transition could have been a bit smoother but they weren’t noticeable enough to detract from the story Overall I would recommend this book as an interesting change of pace from vampires and werewolves I haven’t seen any mention of a series but I would definitely buy the next book

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The Bloodgate Guardian The Maya Bloodgates #1A ritual based on her translations of an ancient codex Jaid must put aside her Bloodgate Guardian The Epub #217 fears and travel to Guatemala to find himAfter misusing the Bloodgates to bring his twin brother back from the afterlife the Maya priest known as Ruin was cursed by the gods to stand Bloodgate Guardian The Maya Bloodgates MOBI #8608. I had a tough time deciding how I would rate The Bloodgate Guardian It was between a 2 and 3 for me The book was well written the plot inventive and the characters well developed but it just didn't inspire any passion from meI didn't finish and hurry to see when or if the next book in the series would be coming out Mostly because the relationship between the hero and heroine Jaid and Ruin great name I must say just never really took off for me I do think I would read by this author and if she continues with this series I hope she considers adding a pronunciation guide and index about the Mayan references It would be helpful