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The Angel of TerrorThe Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel Jack Glover of Rennet Glover and Simpson does not believe his cousin Meredith killed Bulford Meredith's father was an eccentric and unle. “‘ Killing is a matter of expediency Permissible if you call it war terrible if you call it murder To me it is just killing If you are caught in the act of killing they kill you and people say it is right to do so The sacredness of human life is a slogan invented by cowards who fear death – as you do’‘Don’t you Jean’ he asked in a hushed voice‘I fear life without money’ she said uietly ‘I fear long days of work for a callous leering employer and strap hanging in a crowded tube on my way home to one miserable room and the cold mutton of yesterday I fear a poor husband and a procession of children and doing the housework with an incompetent maid or maybe with any at all ’”Edgar Wallace himself must have been uite taken with the amoral Jean Briggerland the eponymous Angel of Terror because he allows her to steal the best scenes from everyone else in the book and tries to invest her with psychological depth than any other character in the book maybe with the exception of the gambler Marcus Stepney unfurls The story itself is extremely fast paced and at least to poor naïve me often unpredictable However you have to be able to accept the following thingsa that a woman is willing to marry somebody she has never seen before but whom she knows to be convicted on charge of wilful murder;b that an innocent man who is convicted on charge of wilful murder is ready to marry a woman he has never seen before just to outwit a clause of his father’s testament that made it obligatory for him to be in the chains of wedlock by his 30th birthday;c that two lawyers are ready to risk their reputations and their licenses just to aid and abet their client in escaping from prison to perform that wedding ceremonyWe might have watched just enough reality shows to no longer find anything unusual or morally uestionable about any of the three above listed heads and this makes us ready to embark on the journey Wallace has prepared for us But still there is another concession our scepticism has to make namely that d the woman who gets married in the above mentioned way is naïve enough not to see through any of Jean Briggerland’s attempts at murdering her even though in some cases one does not have to be able to look through a millstone in order to notice what Jean is up to And yet Lydia the only person that stands between Jean and the family fortune is willing to trust the other young woman who looks so sweet and innocent again and again so as to unwittingly write suicide notes swallowing one of the most threadbare red herrings – this metaphor is as mixed as my feelings about the book – that must ever have been usedOkay you might say that this is probably not the daftest kind of behaviour and the dimmest spark of judgment you have ever witnessed in a human being and you will doubtless be right And maybe this is also what fuels Jack Glover’s – he is one of the lawyers involved in this case – love for Lydia whose husband is conveniently killed a few minutes after the wedding ceremony because what could be satisfying for a man so impressed by himself than besteading a damsel constantly in distress Well the novel went on at a swift pace and I cannot say that I was longing for it to reach its final chapter but when it finally did reach this chapter I felt a bit disappointed by the ending view spoilerAt least in a crime novel I’d like the ending to be nicely tied up justice meted out and all that hide spoiler

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R dead father's creditors When Glover offers her money she is shocked However despite the strange conditions attached it is a proposal she cannot The Angel PDFEPUB or afford to igno. The Angel of Terror also known as The Destroying Angel is a novel by Edgar Wallace published in 1922 I assume it was also written in 1922 since this guy must have been one of the fastest writers there ever was which he'd have to be to write all the books he wrote Not only did he have uite a few books but he also had uite a few names Wikipedia says of him Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace 1 April 1875 – 10 February 1932 was an English writerRather short that was However further down it also tells us that Wallace was born at 7 Ashburnham Grove Greenwich to actors Richard Horatio Marriott Edgar 1847–1894 and Mary Jane Polly Richards née BlairTo me this would make his last name Edgar not Wallace But moving on we're told Wallace's parents had a broom cupboard style sexual encounter during an after show party Discovering she was pregnant his mother invented a fictitious obligation in Greenwich that would last at least half a year and obtained a room in a boarding house where she lived until her son's birth on 1 April 1875 During her confinement she had asked her midwife to find a couple to foster the child The midwife introduced Wallace's mother to her close friend Mrs Freeman a mother of ten children whose husband George Freeman was a Billingsgate fishmonger On 9 April 1875 his mother took Wallace to the semi literate Freeman family and made arrangements to visit oftenWallace then known as Richard Horatio Edgar Freeman had a happy childhood and a close bond with 20 year old Clara Freeman who became a second mother to him By 1878 his mother could no longer afford the small sum she had been paying the Freemans to care for her son and instead of placing the boy in the workhouse the Freemans adopted him His mother never visited Wallace again as a child Nice lady We have now dropped the Wallace from his name but it will return obviously And here it comes By his early teens Wallace had held down numerous jobs such as newspaper seller at Ludgate Circus near Fleet Street milk delivery boy rubber factory worker shoe shop assistant and ship’s cook A plaue at Ludgate Circus commemorates Wallace's first encounter with the newspaper business He was dismissed from his job on the milk run for stealing money In 1894 he became engaged to a local Deptford girl Edith Anstree but broke the engagement and enlisted in the infantryWallace registered in the army under the name Edgar Wallace after the author of Ben Hur Lew Wallace At the time the medical records register him as having a 33 inch chest and being stunted from his childhood spent in the slums He was posted in South Africa with the West Kent Regiment in 1896 He disliked army life but managed to arrange a transfer to the Royal Army Medical Corps which was less arduous but unpleasant and so transferred again to the Press Corps which he found suited him betterAnd that's how he got his name How he got to be an author was while still in the armed forces he began publishing songs and poetry his first book of ballads was published in 1898 With the money from his book he bought his way out of the armed forces something I didn't know you could do and turned to writing full time And he did that a lot Going back to London he bagan writing detective stories the ones I've been reading to earn uick money Oh this I found interesting In 1903 Wallace met his birth mother Polly whom he had never known Terminally ill 60 years old and living in poverty she came to ask for money and was turned away Polly died in the Bradford Infirmary later that yearI'm not sure what I think of that But now he was busy writing and writing and writing In fact he wrote so much that one of his publishers claimed that a uarter of all books in England were written by him And how did he do thi

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SUMMARY ✓ The Angel of Terror ç ❮Download❯ ➾ The Angel of Terror Author Edgar Wallace – The Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel Jack Glover of Rennet Glover and Simpson does not believe his cousin Meredith killed Bulford Meredith's father was an eccentric and unless Meredith is marr The Angel oSs Meredith is married by the age of thirty his sister inherits everything She is dead and Meredith now in prison is thirty next Monday Meanwhile Lydia Beale is struggling to pay he. Rereading for an upcoming SFFaudio podcast episodeThis is a riveting tale which sets out with a man being sentenced for murder and a beautiful innocent woman having had to testify against him Except what everyone thinks is exactly opposite to the truth according to the condemned man's friend and attorney Jack Glover He claims that his friend was framed Meanwhile poverty stricken Lydia gets pulled into this scenario completely out of the blue and is put in the situation of having to decide who to trust One person is telling the truth and the other is out to murder her We are not really ever in the dark about it but watching Lydia's thinking and also seeing the behind the scenes machinations makes this a real page turner This is another book I discovered free for the Kindle Also check Project Gutenberg for it This reading by Lee Elliott at Librivox is great