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Fair Blows the Wind review ô 3 Ö [BOOKS] ✯ Fair Blows the Wind By Louis LAmour – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk His father killed by the British and his home burned young Tatton Chantry left Ireland to make his fortune and regain the land that was rightfully his Schooled along the way in the use of arms Chantry His father killed by the British anNtry encounters a remarkable opportunity Suddenly all his dreams are within reach extraordinary wealth his family land and the heart of a Peruvian beauty But first he must survive Indians pirates and a rogue swordsman who has vowed to see him de. Date Read 12 September 2010I read this book – Fair Blows the Wind” by Louis L’Amour for a book discussion group I liked the story and the fact that it was not a western novel typically done by L’Amour but one that takes place mostly in Europe before the population of North America A few things that I learned from this book 1 The influence that a father can have on a son; especially a father who tries to provide a good education and example 2 The kindness of strangers can make a difference in one’s life3 Hard training is reuired to develop great skill such as swordsmanship4 The pen is a powerful friend and a horrible foe5 In Louis L’Amour books the good guy always wins in the endI have read several Louis L’Amour books and they seem to have a similar story line The story is developed along this format• Boy has a rough childhood and has to grow up earlier than other boys • Boy learns through studying books and the help of kind strangers • Boy becomes a man • Man ends up developing a hated enemy • Man meets attractive women • Man and women fall in love but never actually let each other know • Eventually the man ends up killing the hated enemy • Man and women marry and live happily ever after I would recommend this book to those who like Louis L’Amour or those who enjoy a good action packed story uotes from Fair Blows the WindTatton Chantry and Robert Vypont – Topic Father teaching Tatton pg 62“I have never been to school My father was my teacher”“Ah A man of rare education no doubt”“He was that He read me from the writings of Homer when I was young and from Virgil too He taught me much of history and not of our country only but others as well”“We walked much together and he instructed me then We also talked with vistors “Tatton Chantry and Robert Vypont – Topic Books pg 70“ What is the book” I asked“Maimonides”“You are a Jew”“I am English but one finds wisdom in all languages I read him often for he has much to tell” He looked at me “How do you know of Maimonides”“My father read him also We had many many books and my father would often read to me Sometimes we talked of them”“I have few books now but they are old friends to me”Robert Vypont to Tatton Chantry – Topic Wealth – pg 71“Wealth Well perhaps It has its benefits but is an empty thing in itself”Robert Vypont to Tatton Chantry – Topic Happiness – pg 71“ I have education and once I had position Now I am nobody but I am happy”Tatton Chantry – topic Teaching – pg 73“Only you could teach me that” I said “for cannot the teacher always teach than he knows”Tatton Chantry – topic Preparedness and Fighting – pg 92“ but my father warned me I would have enemies and to survive I must be prepared I hope never to fight” I added in all sincerity “but experience has taught me that wishing to avoid a fight will not always be enough”Fergis MacAskill to Tatton Chantry – Topic Savagery – pg 120“ No part of the world I’m thinking has a sole claim on savagery There’s a bit of it in us all given the time and place and circumstances”Tatton Chantry – topic Learning – pg 134 and 135“He taught me some things He said there much to come but that is true always The well of learning is one that never ceases to flow and we have only to drink of its waters””There are races and nations of men but the land of learning has no boundaries neither here nor in the heavens We are guided by the lamp of curiosity the light of desiring to know Follow it ”Tosti Padget – topic Difficulties in Writing – pg 154 “I have not the will to persist I tell myself I shall change but I do not I try to hold myself to a schedule but I am diverted by the flights and fancy in my own mind I dream of it want it talk of it think of it but I do not do it Writing is a lonely business and must be forever so and I am a social being I want and need others about me and the loneliness of my room is a hateful thing”Richard Field – topic character and persistence – pg 156 and 157 “He would say writing was not only talent but it was character the character of the writer Many are called he would say but few are chosen and it is character that chooses them In the last analysis it is persistence that matters” Tatton Chantry – topic Evil – pg 185If men of goodwill would not step forward to war against evil then who wouldTatton Chantry – topic Luck – pg 192How often it is that a whim may alter the course of our existence How often the simple decision whether to go right of left when one leaves a doorway can change so much A man may turn to the right and walk straightway into all manner of evil and to the left in all manner of good Tatton Chantry – topic Possesions – pg 249 a man cannot be free until he has possessions – and then he is no longer free but bound by them

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His father killed by the British and his home burned young Tatton Chantry left Ireland to make his fortune and regain the land that was rightfully his Schooled along the way in the use of arms Chantry arrives in London a wiser and far dangerous. Louis L'Amour has almost outdone himself in this one It is capturing and adds interesting new perspectives from flashbacks The main character Tatton Chantry is a gallant Irish gentleman with a rogues skill set The book places him on the shores of wild America where he is marooned accidentally and thrust into a whirlpool of conflicting interests involving treasures maidens and political betrothals all the while recouning his earlier exploits in flashbackshaving been burned from his home by the English he sets out to make a fortune to buy back his homeland and rebuild his once prestigious home The book takes turns as he makes enemies friends and alliances continually travelling broad without a definite course but with a final destination He ranges all over the world in London Ireland Scotland a collection of Islands off Scotlands caost including the hebrides as a soldier a trader sailor and even a vagabondFinally he ends up in America where he must confront his oldest enemies and use all of his skills and abilities to escape the hornets nest he's in Filled with great desprictions and depictions of battlesscenes and conversations thought provoking without being too complicatedand a truly captivating book Fair Blows The Wind would be a good book for nearly anyone to read

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Fair Blows the WindMan He invests in trading ventures but on a voyage to the New World his party is attacked by Fair Blows EpubIndians and he is marooned in the untamed wilderness of the Carolina coast It is in this darkest time when everything seems lost that Cha. Louis L'amour is very popular among the men in my family My father and both of my grandfathers speak of him with awe and affection and his books have a place of honor on their shelvesI in the other hand have never read a Louis L'amour novel I started Walking Drum back when I was in high school but I didn't get very far into it the fault was with me not with the book I rarely had the patience to finish books in those days So I decided that it might be time to try L'amour again I casually asked my grandfather what his favorite L'amour book was mistakenly thinking that it would be a brief conversation Not so Apparently the man has been waiting patiently for the past 60 odd years for someone to ask him that uestion uietly biding his time until he could pass on the uniue magic that is Louis L'amour Before long he had produced a stack of seven books Fair Blows the Wind being one of them for me to start with so that I could get a feel for what L'amour is about Well there was no turning back at that point Fair Blows the Wind begins with Tatton Chantry being stranded on an island off the coast of the Carolinas Before long he comes across a group of shipwrecked Spaniards There's a pretty lady involved of course as well as some pirates and plenty of gold and silverThe bulk of the story however was in the form of a long flashback to Chantry's youth in 16th century Europe Tatton travels throughout Europe learning from the various people he encounters a gypsy a Scottish warrior a playwright a Spanish nobleman etc The characters come in and out of the story abruptly and some we never hear from againThe last 30 pages were by far the most exciting The ending was abrupt but satisfying L'amour managed to tie up all of the loose ends in just a few pagesThis book was probably an odd choice for my introduction to L'amour since it's not one of his typical works but I enjoyed it There's swashbuckling action witty dialogue and a touch of romance; what can you ask for If you're a fan of Treasure Island or The Three Musketeers then you would probably enjoy this book