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Read & Download ¿ Emily AUTHOR Jilly Cooper ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º ❮Epub❯ ➟ Emily Author Jilly Cooper – If Emily hadn't gone to Annie Richmond's party she would never have met the impossible irresistible Rory Balniel never have married him aNight in a haunted highland castle or been caught stealing roses in a see through nightie Yes it all started at Annie Richmond's partyThe light hearted hilarious and gorgeous novel from the much loved classic auth. This is Jilly Cooper's first published book and here she starts a trend of book titles with female names This is an enjoyable read you don't have to think to hard there are a few twists unexpected ones I think though that Cooper still had to find her distinctive style racy but never gross which we will find in her following books I love her books for that style This book reminds me of the usual short romance stories and I miss the Copper 'kick' Saying all this I understand from Wikipedia Riders was written in 1970 Emily was written for a teenage magazine which may explain it

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If Emily hadn't gone to Annie Richmond's party she would never have met the impossible irresistible Rory Balniel never have married him and been carried off to the wild Scottish island of Irasa to live in his ances. In the mid eighties I was a big fan of Jilly Cooper collected this whole series Emily Bella Imogen etc To be honest they've been left untouched for the last twenty plus years so I thought it was time to pass them to a charity shop but you know what it's like you've just gotta have one last readWell you can certainly tell Emily was written forty years ago it's not very PC at times though that's the seventies for you very much of a time when girls were so often portrayed as pretty ditsy only expected to hold a job down invariably as a typing temp in Cooper's books till some rich handsome of course stranger whisks her away in matrimony to live happily ever after However in Emily Rory's case the marriage comes at the start of their relationship it would appear if it's going to be a case of marry in haste repent at leisurebut despite that as you'd expect from a romance things turn out well in the end Well that's if you call being in love married to an arrogant patronising unfaithful chauvinistic pig a happy ending At one point he rapes Emily yet that comes over as if that's perfectly acceptable within marriage Did I really use to find this stuff romantic shudder I'm sure today's savvy teens wouldn't lap this up like us innocent naïve seventies teens didIt was an amusing enough read for the most part but then as I've said I lived through the seventies with all it's political incorrectness I'll continue through the rest of the series is only to see if I find any of the other males are as obnoxious as Rory

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Emily AUTHOR Jilly CoopTral home along with his eccentric mother Coco and the dog Walter Scott She'd never have met the wild and mysterious Marina a wraith from Rory's past nor her brother the disagreeable Finn Maclean never have spent a. Takes me back to my youth loved these books as a teenager Very dated now though one example of which is a pregnant woman being given a large brandy by her doctor for shock