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The Berlin Baghdad Express The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power Free read ¿ 0 â ➽ [Download] ➺ The Berlin Baghdad Express The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power By Sean McMeekin ➸ – The modern Middle East was fOrder to destroy the British Empire then the largest Islamic power in the world Meanwhile the Young Turks harnessed themselves to German military might to avenge Turkey s hereditary Berlin Baghdad Express The Ottoman PDFEPUB or enemy Russia Told from the perspective of the key decision makers on the Turco German side many of the most conseuential events of World War I Turkey s entry into the war Gallipoli the Armenian massacres the Arab revolt and the Russian Revolution are illuminated as never beforeDrawing on a wealth of new sources McMeekin forces us to re examine Western inter. KOBOBOOKSReviewed by Literary Review

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Ference in the Middle East and its lamentable results It is an epic tragicomedy of unintended conseuences as Turkish nationalists give Russia the war it desperately wants jihad begets an Islamic insurrection in Mecca German sabotage plots upend the Tsar delivering Turkey from Russia s yoke and German Zionism midwifes the Balfour Declaration All along the story is interwoven with the drama surrounding German efforts to complete the Berlin to Baghdad railway the weapon designed to win Berlin Baghdad Express The Ottoman PDFEPUB or the war and assure German hegemony over the Middle Ea. Ultimately an awkward book I really appreciated the detailed presentation of people and places of the many German agents' secret missions to stir up trouble for primarily the British in the Ottoman Empire during World War I across the Middle East Am reading this as part of a geo time period package I have set for myself to include in seuenceThe Great GameThe SleepwalkersBerlin Baghdad ExpressLawrence in Arabia since read after reveiw of BBE a tremendous bookSeven Pillars of WisdomThe research is impressive but ultimately there are stylistic elements in the writing a certain sardonic casualness that diminishes the seriousness of the scholarship In some places it almost seems as if it was written for a college student on Summer BreakMore troubling is the Epilogue which has the feel of having been written first and then the balance of the book put together to get to the end The pace of the last several chapters before the eplilogue uickens perceptibly and almost takes on a breathless uality as the author strains to support the desired conclusion

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The Berlin Baghdad Express The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World PowerThe modern Middle East was forged in Baghdad Express PDFEPUB #190 the crucible of the First World War but few know the full story of how war actually came to the region As Sean McMeekin reveals in this startling reinterpretation of the The Berlin PDFEPUB or war it was neither the British nor the French but rather a small cliue of Germans and Turks who thrust the Islamic world into the conflict for their own political economic and military endsThe Berlin Baghdad Express tells the Berlin Baghdad Express eBook #10003 fascinating story of how Germany exploited Ottoman pan Islamism in. A fascinating look at the Ottoman German alliance during the war and their use of pan Islamism as a strategy They did this with their railway project and by launching a propaganda campaign against the Muslims of Britain’s empire Neither of these projects ended up working The Berlin Baghdad railway project was difficult to build and expensive to maintain The jihad project also flounderedIn retrospectTurkey’s entry into the war proved to be its undoing While both the Allies and the Central Powers desperately sought to win Turkey to their side or at least keep it neutral their fears and hopes were unfounded Turkey was a third rate power on the brink of collapse with a mutinous army of ill trained and poorly armed soldiers Even before the war broke out the fringes of the Ottoman empire were being gobbled up by the Italians and the Balkan states The empire was all but finished by 1913 and its decision to enter the war sealed its doom Before entering the war Turkey however ran rings around both sides They cornered the Germans and extracted an unconditional guarantee of its borders At the same time they cynically attempted to get Russia to abandon the Caucasus When they did enter the war the Ottomans attempted to use the Sherifiate of Mecca to legitimize a “jihad” against the Allied powers The puppet sultan did so but his fatwa had only a limited effect The Sherifiate also resented the Ottomans’ attempt to tighten control The entire holy war idea was cooked by the amateur archaeologist turned secret agent Max von Oppenheim head of the “Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient” The Kaiser backed the idea and the Turks played along not because they agreed with it in an ideological sense but because it offered an opportunity to harness German power to Ottoman interests Pan Islamic strategies did little to aid the Ottoman war effort As Gallipoli demonstrated a better strategy would probably have been to hunker down and guard its borders than to waste its limited strength in far flung jihadist adventurism The concept was also based on a notion of Islamic solidarity behind the Ottoman Sultan Caliph which was pure fantasy Jihadi propaganda did not count for much in the Islamic worldThe British of course were successful employing TE Lawrence to enlist Hussein in what was a jihad than a nationalist revolt Far from being loyal to the cause of an Islamic holy war Arab irregulars on both sides attacked whoever they felt likeMeanwhile the Germans employed several colorful Lawrence type adventurers to stir up revolt against Britain Many of them were pretty ridiculous attempting to portray themselves as a disinterested third party that was solely seeking to “liberate” all Muslims from British rule The Arabs were too hostile to the Ottoman empire for the Germans’ plans to work