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Life in the West free read Æ 106 ä ➵ [Reading] ➷ Life in the West By Brian W. Aldiss ➪ – Thomas C Suire founder of the Society for Popular Aesthetics one time secret agent and successful hedonist faces a midlife crisis That undermines the stability of his ancestral home in Norfolk Followi Thomas C SThomas C Suire founder of the Society for Popular Aesthetics one time secret agent and successful hedonist faces a midlife crisis That undermines the stability of his ancestral home in Norfolk Following the creation of his TV documentary series FRANKENSTEIN AMONG THE ARTS Suire Life in eBook #208 attends a conference of a. Aldiss is of course better known for science fiction in fact I'll wager that for most people he's only known as the author of the Helliconia trilogy or that story Supertoys Last All Summer Long which inspired Kubrick Spielberg's AI But he's what many people would consider a 'serious' author too In fact it wouldn't be unfair to say that at times he's a bit too serious This is a novel of ideas More than that it's a novel of ideas written in and set in the late 1970s when men were Male Chauvinist Pigs complete with capitals and Marxist academics seemed to be on the point of overthrowing the established order It's also in parts an English Country House novel; a spy thriller; a satire on the workings of what we were only beginning to call the Media; a spirited defence of science fiction; a David Lodge style academic conference novel; a tale of thwarted and misdirected passion; and a semi autobiographical family historyreturnreturnWhich is to be frank over egging the pudding somewhat Aldiss has some interesting ideas and several which have not stood the test of time at all in the end it is these which make the book such tough going at times; there is no conscious irony in the earnest way in which Marxism is put forward as a real alternative particularly in academic circles None of the characters forsee that the marketplace might be the future for academia and as a result it seems somewhat stilted and one sided In addition Aldiss seems determined to present all his characters as unappealing than simply flawed Tom Suire is unpleasant and plain stupid at times; his wife Tess is by turns hopelessly wet and teeth grindingly obtuse; and all of Tom's friends fall out with him at some point despite the fact that they must all have come across his obnoxious in truth merely irritating but it's presented as obnoxious behaviour many times before Tom has of course this is 1979 a younger mistress who worships the ground he walks on oblivious to any of his flaws It just doesn't uite hang togetherreturnreturnAnd yet I read it to the end Aldiss is a stylist and the story has a clever elegant structure And I also desparately wanted Tom Suire to meet his sticky end In a way he does of course but I think we're meant to see it as a triumphant climax Anthony Burgess chose this as one of his 99 best novels in English since 1939; I'm afraid I struggled to see why Perhaps if I had read it in pre Thatcherite times; perhaps if I had mixed in Marxist academia it would all seem real Not yet a period piece in the end it's a curiosity File under 'read again in 30 years' it will surely be a historical novel by then

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S fifteen month separation from his wife This brilliant novel sometimes violent and always compassionate moves from England to Sicily from Singapore to the former Yugoslavia LIFE IN THE WEST embodies the best characteristics of Brian Aldiss's writing wit human understanding a fine turn of phrase and consummate storytellin. I started this and it began uite well but after reading some of the comments decided that it was a piece of historyLife is too short to finish it nowmaybe later when nothing else is around

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Life in the WestCademics in Sicily There against a background of international rivalry he becomes involved with the lovely if calculating Selina and the Russian Vasily In counterpoint to the drama of the conference runs the story of Suire's private life the horrifying circumstances of his father's death his many affairs with women and hi. A bit of a letdown This was on a list of the 75 most well written books of the 20th century It is beautifully written with great detail and description However the story was a bit exhaustive Would much rather recommend something by Somerset Maugham whose writing this book reminded me of but who weaves a good story as well