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Summary ☆ Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama 106 ¸ [Download] ➸ Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama Author Bill OReilly – Television host razor sharp political pundit and #1 bestselling author Bill O’Reilly focuses in on where Patriots Where Epub #220 Television host razor sharp political pundit and bestselling author Bill O’Reilly focuses in on where we all Pinheads and eBook #211 stand in the Age o. I like Bill O'Reilly on the whole but I don't always agree with him Some of you who have read other reviews and comments by me will know that I am of a somewhat conservative mind set If you are under the impression the O'Reilly is a so called died in the wool conservative then you don't know him He is abrasive confrontational very self assured and does his best to be fair Personally I believe he's incorrect in some of his beliefs and assumptions and correct in others That's what this book and others like it areopinion and defense of opinion After all if you don't believe you're right correctwhy do you hold a given opinionThis is an interesting book dealing largely with President Obama but also discussing Mr O'Reilly's take on other people both historical and contemporary It's a fairly cogent take on things and even if I don't agree with the author I find his opinions somewhat understandableI have one niggle I found a couple of possibly minor factual errors for example he says Audie Murphy was drafted Murphy tried repeatedly to enlist and finally with his sisters help managed to enlist at 17 He also stated that General Eisenhower didn't sack General Patton Actually he did sack Patton but later gave him another command under his old second in command General Bradleyjust a couple These are not big and do not take away from his overall take on these people or others but I think fact checking would have increased the books credibilityBut to use the same word again overall I like the book and can recommend it Even if you think you will disagree consider trying it The transcript of the interview with the president and his actions since the interview alone make worth the timeAlso if you haven't watched listened to or read Mr O'Reilly before but think you know about him from third party sources read it for yourself He might surprise you He's not my favorite commentator but as I said I believe he does his best to be open minded and evenhanded 4 stars

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F Obama in Pinheads and Patriots In this brave hard hitting provocative volume the author and Patriots Where ePUB #9734 of Culture Warrior and A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity guid. I get the distinct impression that O'Reilly wrote this book just to fulfill a publishing contract The book is 33% Bill giving you his subjective opinions of various people 33% Bill riffing on whatever random topics pop into his head and 33% filler Is Lassie the golden retreiver a Pinhead or a Patriot Read this book and find out Also included is a transcript of an interview O'Reilly once conducted with Obama It might have been interesting IF the editors had fixed all the grammar and removed all the stuttering and IF O'Reilly hadn't interrupted every few seconds thereby completely destroying the flow of the conversation PINHEADS AND PATRIOTS is a lazy effort from someone I know is capable of doing a whole lot better I especially hate the obnoxious title and goofy cover art but I do appreciate that O'Reilly tries to find some good in most of the people he talks about including Obama Only in extreme cases does he designate people solely in the Pinhead camp

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Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of ObamaEs Americans through the extensive transformations sweeping their country and Patriots Where You Stand Epuband explains exactly what these profound changes mean for every one of. Okay so in general I despise these kinds of books Some pompous ass on one side or the other of to political aisle telling me what is best for me O'Reilly lays a great deal of emphasis trying to asert that he is an independent After reading this I have to say I am almost likely to believe that the Pope is a Protestant first Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a Republican ore a Democrat or whatever political persuasion you choose but when you hide it in a book like this the uestion has to be why For the most part after reading the book I think it is he is fooling himself He is kind of funny in a way He stresses how fair he is going to be and then turns around and proves that mostly he will be but he does have an anti left slant Again not all that unexpected However he does some pretty confusing things when he starts talking about what makes someone a Patriot or a Pinhead I think he might need a new copy of Webster's His definition of a Patriot is someone who puts others ahead of themselves Ah what Did I miss something growing up What part of severing your Nation is involved in that definition By that definition the Pope is a Patriot the current one that is And while he may be the King of the Vatican City I don't think that his washing the feet of Prisoners on Easter makes him a Patriot A nice guy a good Catholic sure Patriot no For an clear example of how unbalanced his view on this he decides that G HW Bush is a Patriot for what he did as President but since he only has a small an unclear presentation of what that was it is kind of odd He completely ignores the fact that Papa Bush severed in WWII and was shot down I am surprised that the VFW hasn't written a massive protest on that definition Of course I just might have missed it His use of Pinhead can be fun sometimes as well He rags on Madonna for moving to England and adopting a faux British Accent And not giving enough of her money to non trendy charities This from someone that says things like how much money is too much they earned it they can do with it what they want The one that really got me was the rant on an individual where he listed the reasons why he was a Pinhead and number one was the fact that he was an Atheist I have to say that even suggesting that someones religion or lack thereof has anything to do with whether or not someone is Pinhead actually makes you one Religious fanatics are always a pain in the kester since they are always arguing about whose God is the right one Hell just accept the fact that there are a bucket load of people out there that don't believe like you do and you will be much happier in life He also makes a big deal about wanting the government to be non intrusive and spend less money Then has the gall to suggest that the way to deal with illegal immigrants is for the Government to call up the National Guards of the various states involved Something that is both intrusive and spendy as hell Ignore how well it would or wouldn't do in regards to stopping illegals from coming into the country calling up the National Guard of any state with affect the economy in two ways First most of those individuals have jobs jobs that their employers have to hold for them for a certain amount of time Yep no economic impact there Top that off with the fact that now they are on the National Military salary that means that the National Government has to spend the money to keep them in the field Something that states have wisely declined to do on their own And he points to this as his well thought out plan Makes me glad he is just a mouth piece for Fox News and not a government official All in all the book was balanced than any other in the genre I have read Which is faint praise indeed but when you are running with the likes of Micheal Moore and Ann Coulter it is to be expected I would suggest if you are going to read a political viewpoint book this one is a good one just make sure that when you are done before praising him and walking the line he puts forward do the research and fact check him After all if he thinks that BP is actually a British Company some fact checking is in order