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The Man in the Picture A Ghost Story Read ´ 104 ´ [Download] ➸ The Man in the Picture A Ghost Story ➽ Susan Hill – A mysterious depiction of masked revellers at the Venice carnival hangs in the college rooms of Oliver's old professor in Cambridge On this cold winter's night its eerie secret iTo entrap it To stare into the painting is to play dangerously with Man in the Picture A eBook #236 the unseen demons it hides and become the victim of its macabre beaut. A man visits his old professor at Cambridge who tells him the strange story of a painting he owns The book's narration becomes a story within a story within a story The pace slowly builds adding a feeling of dread throughout the plot Fans of M R James and Algernon Blackwood will enjoy this weird tale The writing style really makes me think of those two authors An enjoyable old fashioned horror story

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A mysterious depiction of masked in the Epub #218 revellers at the Venice carnival hangs in the college rooms of Oliver's old professor in The Man PDF or Cambridge On th. The Man in the Picture by Susan Hill is a very enjoyable read on a dark winter's evening It has echoes of earlier English ghost stories some of which can't uite be grasped The setting and feel created is reminiscent of MR James and Daphne du Maurier The story is set in College rooms although the university here is Cambridge rather than MR James's Oxford as well as London and also an old country house in a remote part of the North We have one of MR James's favourite devices a story narrated by one character to another; a story within a story We have events which are reported to have taken place in the distant past We have rumour and suspicion We have suspense created by breaks in the story as real life interferes But most of all we have atmosphere As the author herself says What makes a good ghost story Atmosphere How do you create atmosphere By working yourself into it imaginatively until you are there you can see hear sense and even smell your atmosphereHave you read The Picture of Dorian Gray Have you ever been in a room where you feel the eyes of a person in a portrait follow you round the room Well those sinister sorts of feelings are conjured up by this novel and one of the characters is straight out of a gothic romance It is a chilling and horrific story of revengeAs the title suggests this is a tale of a painting and one of the people it it The painting is a complex and detailed view of Venice at Carnival time when the people wear masks The masks are intended to disguise people's identity but this story develops into a haunting spine chiller The reader learns of the painting's history and its future its transmogrification and why it becomes the most important thing in the life of anyone who owns it There are few new ideas in this story but the whole is very satisfactorily woven together Susan Hill is an English author of fiction short stories and some factual books She achieved literary success at an early age publishing her first novel at 19 whilst in her first year at university Her books cover a wide range of themes and four have won major literary awards She also writes the very popular Simon Serrailler series of crime novels She has always had a leaning towards the gothic and in 1983 wrote The Woman in Black Latterly she has also taken to writing an annual Christmas ghost story; this one is from 2007 These very accomplished novellas are also geared toward the popular market as she says I love writing ghost stories though I confess I don't take them too seriously and I love reading them too I have learnt that there's no room for padding for no superfluous words Less is always I like to work my way gradually to the frightening heart of a ghost story lull the reader into a sense of security before letting them become aware of the screw and a little later beginning to turn it

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The Man in the Picture A Ghost StoryIs cold winter's night its eerie secret is revealed by the ageing don The dark art of the Venetian Man in the PDFEPUB #230 scene instead of imitating life has the power. The Man in the Picture is a short story which was somehow published as a separate book Even shorter than The Woman in Black the story although well written is similarly unoriginal and largely forgettableThe picture in uestion is described by the main narrator Oliver who himself retells a story told to him by his former university tutor The tutor is fascinated and frightened by an oil painting from his collection in its depiction of a Venetian carnival scene he notices a barely noticeable man observing the festivities with horror and shock apparently against his will From Oliver's retelling we learn how the painting came into the tutor's possession and how he afterwards met an elderly countess who wished to obtain it for her own collection; the tutor is unwilling to relinuish it wishing to learn the identity of the man in the picture and both he and Oliver will learn than they both bargained forThis is a story which could be told around a campfire or in a cold winter common room at a English university decades ago when there was no radio or television and even books weren't as available as they are now A seasoned teller could properly build up the atmosphere and sustain tension and dread all the way to the very end when the listeners would depart and find themselves unable to sleep in their cold creaking beds This isn't the case here as the story itself resembles the bare bones of a greater effort than the effort itself A foundation was laid but the mansion remains unfinished which is a shame Susan Hill has all the potential and ability to write ghost stories in the classical way but her writing needs innovation and less inspiration to unnerve and chill this reader