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One Hit WonderHe wrote after his high school One Hit PDFEPUBsweetheart Lynn Mahoney broke his heart Now approaching middle age Mickey is lucky to land a singing gig at a bar mitzvah So the one hit wonder boy is making a different kind of comeback returning to his old stomping grounds in ueens living with his parents and sleeping in his childhood bed Just like in high school And speaking of blasts from the past Lynn is also back in town as beautiful beguiling. Cute Creative But with two flaws in my opinion1 99% of the book has some reasonably witty or clever writing but every once in a while you hit a clunker of either writing style or unrealistic dialog It's one of those where was the editor things Examples Mickey the main character at 17 years old just a regular guy who knows nothing about art says that Winslow Homer's paintings are in our heads now so we keep the artist alive he'll never really die Talk about not having the ring of truth And one of the worst lines I've every read about having sex the first time I understood why I always got lousy grades in math right from the first grade The teacher always used to insist that one plus one is two but I knew better If you're one of the lucky ones one plus one is One Right when he started talking about math I thought to myself no not that he has to be going in any direction but THAT ouch That being said I reiterate that 99% of the book is not like this2 Here's the spoiler from the beginning it is telegraphed that Something Went On between Lynn and her abusive father when she was a teen So it's no surprise when it comes except that the way the father is depicted doesn't jive with anything I've heard about sexual abuse After being frozen out for months from having sex with his wife he announces to Lynn that he intends on having sex with her and if she doesn't comply well he'll just sodomize the younger brother So tonight's the night get ready I'll be home at 6 Every other account I've read about incestuous abuse is of the middle of the night creep in the room pretend it never happened in the light of day Maybe I'm off base here because I'm lucky enough that this never happened to me but it just didn't pass the smell test I understand that doing it this way was important for the plot given what ends up happening on that fateful night but I don't think that excuses it

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“Carillo has an easy way with breezy prose and likeable characters” – Publishers WeeklyFrom the acclaimed author of Raising Jake comes the hilarious heartfelt story of a former pop star who goes back to his roots to answer the age old uestion“Whatever happened to”Back in the Eighties Mickey DeFalco was America’s teenage heartthrob with spiky gelled hair slanted sideburns and a number one hit single “Sweet Days” a sappy love song. It has been probably five years since I've read this book but I remember it hooking me immediately The characters were very believable What I remember liking the most was the way he bounced back and forth between the past and present The end of each chapter was dramatic making it nearly impossible to put down As soon as I finished reading the book I went out and purchased Raising Jake

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Review ß One Hit Wonder 100 ´ [PDF / Epub] ✩ One Hit Wonder ☉ Charlie Carillo – “Carillo has an easy way with breezy prose and likeable characters” – Publishers WeeklyFrom the acclaimed author of Raising Jake comes the hilarious heartfelt story of a former pop star who goes “Carillo has an easy way with And baffling as everSometimes life can feel like a broken record But even a one hit wonder deserves a second chance “A superb comic novelisthilarious and truthful” Sally Jenkinsueens born Charlie Carillo is the acclaimed author of My Ride with Gus and Raising Jake He worked at the New York Post as a journalist for many years and now divides his time between New York City and London England where he works as an independent television producer. The whole premise drew me in I LOOOOOVED Dedication which reminded me of this 80s singerhometown boy making it big by writing a popular song about the girl from high school I am an 80's baby anyway so I loved the early days in Mickey's life and journey I am unfamiliar with this author but will have to check out some of his other books The parents Donna and Steady Eddie were laugh out loud funny I didn't enjoy all the colorful images of the sexual escapades but what can ya do It was kinda sad how Mickey let women take advantage of him like that but he couldn't be with the one woman he still carried a torch for Speaking of Lynn I was really mad at her and other than NOT being able to get over her thought Mickey should move on because she wasn't worth it until I found out her secret I even enjoyed the minor characters like Flynn and Patrick I liked it not just being about Mickey but we also found out about Lynn as well and his parents were developed as characters as well as Mickey's secrets in LAI didn't see any of that coming or the ending which were welcome surprises making the book lighthearted and funny at times and serious and even a bit dark now and then Lynn's story and the LA murder suicide I found some of the scenes with the parents very touching and was glad Mickey got a chance to have a relationship with them I was pleasantly surprised both Mickey and Lynn still wanted Aaron after finding out he wasn't really Mickey's but would now be their child not his or hers I am curious who Mickey's dad was This was a very delightful story that I devoured over 3 days I loved the endingI just wish we would have an epilogue that included a day with Aaron and a royalty check Really enjoyed this one and the trip back to the 80s and a relatable family