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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Hammered ´ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Hammered Author Kevin Hearne – Thor the Norse god of thunder is worse than a blowhard and a bully—he’s ruined countless lives and killed scores of innocents After centuries Viking vampire Leif Helgarson is ready to get his veng Thor the Norse god of thunder is worse thanRunning rampant Despite multiple warnings and portents of dire conseuences Atticus and Leif journey to the Norse plain of Asgard where they team up with a werewolf a sorcerer and an army of frost giants for an epic showdown against vicious Valkyries angry gods and the hammer wielding Thunder Thug himse. HookedI’m hooked Kevin Hearne has created in Atticus a character with whom I can relate and about whom I am interested in reading and adventures I usually don’t follow series but Hearne’s Iron Druid books have me bound like an Irish druid Star Trek Smokey and the Bandit and other pop culture references a fun and witty Irish wolfhound companion fresh new connections to mythic and animistic legends an endless supply of possible adventures and themes what’s not to loveHammered Hearne’s third novel length installment in the series has been foreshadowed since the first book Hounded A showdown with a very different vision of Thor from the Marvel manifestation has been on the horizon from day one Hammered in that sense does not disappointHearne delves into Norse and other world culture myth and pantheon systems in clear allusions to Gaiman’s American Gods and with enough charisma to make Neil Gaiman blush there is even a brief homage to Mr GaimanBut There were passages where I felt that Hearne became too informal where he lost the uality edge of his earlier works; he seemed like he was reaching sometimes in almost a jump the shark half assed inventiveness like he was bowing to some unknown advisor who was leading him down a bad path Also from the early pages to the somewhat disappointing end this is clearly a part of a series The earlier books Hounded and Hexed though connected also worked as stand alones something that I was very excited about and that I lauded Hearne for creatingHammered was missing something the earlier two and the short stories had in spades and I cannot exactly put my finger on it this was just not as well put together The subtle humor and personality that ran smoothly through the first two seemed here forced and many of the uips and intentionally funny scenes came out campy or farcical In some ineffable way Hammered lacked the charm of the earlier two pun intendedThis is still substantially good if not always procedurally and there is still much to enjoy a Shakespearean uote battle during a high speed chase in a rented Ford Mustang and a tribute to Chaucer where the different characters told their stories of how they came to hate Thor was probably the best part of the book Again I like that he can use and borrow from an almost inexhaustible supply of heroes and gods my favorite Dungeons and Dragons text was brought out Deities Demigods Cyclopedia of Gods and Heroes from Myth and Legend to check out the Finnish hero VanamoinanmomThe old saying about pizza and sex applies here when it’s good it’s great; when it’s bad it’s still pretty good

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Thor the Norse god of thunder is worse than a blowhard and a bully he’s ruined countless lives and killed scores of innocents After centuries Viking vampire Leif Helgarson is ready to get his vengeance and he’s asked his friend Atticus O’Sullivan the last of the Druids to help take down this Norse. This is my review of the entire trilogy and there are some minor spoilersI'm a sucker for a good muli pantheon tale I think Sandman did it best but Gaiman's reprisal with American Gods was also good Thus I was excited to check out this trilogyHounded the first book was a breezy book entertaining enough but its flaws grew as the series continued The second and third book felt padded and stretched With better writing and editing they could should have been one book This was made even clear when a bevy of new characters showed up and told their stories It worked for Chaucer but felt out of place and forced hereThe pacing isn't enough to sink this ship however The main problem I have with the series is the utter difficulty in believing Atticus It's fine to have a 2000 year old being but he should act like he isn't just another guy Connor Mcleod for instance a similar character is kind of odd and still in his heart a HighlanderThere was nary a page that didn't break the narrative flow with some poor prose or unbelievable situation There are examples than I can list but here are some of the flawsA running gag is that Atticus and the Widow hate the British The terminology is sloppy The British include the Welsh and the Scots and no one hates the Welsh What Atticus means is that he hates the English But even this attitude is anachronistic Atticus is from a non united Ireland centuries before it or England was a country If Atticus has a loyalty it would presumably be to one of the five counties of IrelandAtticus freuently sounds like Kevin Hearne talking to us His many cultural references are hard to believe and will date the books something fierce within the next 10 years Worst of all at least in my opinion is when he talks of sueeing from meeting Neil Gaiman This is shoddy character buildingHe's also way too uptight to have been an ancient Celt Though he cavorts with Goddesses attractive women make him act like Cliff Clavin than a man who lived for two millenia He is traumatized from seeing two Giants cavorting Though he is an ancient Celt he is excited to meet Jesus than the gods of his or any other pantheonSome of the worst writing is when he teaches an ancient vampire how to speak in slang Poorly conceived it's embarrassing to readEually bad Atticus and several other dietiesdemigodssuper powerful beings all of whom are at least 100 years old act as homophobic as high school boys None of them are originally American but all of them share the same thought at one point does this make me look gayHearne is freuently the anti Chekov He solves many of the problems with an element he introduces in that very scene I would have to go into some major spoilers to elaborate but it's something that happens far too freuently The scale of things are uite strange as well a werewolf or a vampire is as strong as a god Though I finished the trilogy they have become the worst books I've ever finished Again the idea the set up is interesting But the execution is just horribly inept I wouldn't recommend these books to anyone

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HammeredNightmareOne survival strategy has worked for Atticus for than two thousand years stay away from the guy with the lightning bolts But things are heating up in Atticus’s home base of Tempe Arizona There’s a vampire turf war brewing and Russian demon hunters who call themselves the Hammers of God are. First off a big thank you to Kevin Hearne and my great GR friends whom made this book extra kick ass and brought me back into the UF genre I walked away from years ago a genre I’ve missed reading and would have kept missing without taking a chance and picking up this series Unlike Hounded and Hexed Hammered gives the readers a deeper and darker theme the books before it Through out your given glimpses into the long lived Atticus this time around your given a even better insight into his past and those he’s loved and lost before It tears at your heart but makes you all that connected to Atticus Atticus for me is the perfect balance in a character He’s a guy’s guy he doesn’t have all the answers and he makes some small and big mistakes along the way He’s may have lived a long time but in the end he’s very human in everything he feels and does and I love him for it AND OBERON I love that crazy dog In a world where people lie and break promises all the time Atticus is a man of his word and if I wanted anyone at my back and taking care of me it be him There’s a lot of great scenes in this book and stand out for me and some humor that has become the trademark of the IDC still leaves it’s mark with having the reader laughing until their sides hurt Never going to think of the song “It’s a small world” the same again With Atticus promise to Leif and others to finally kill the douchebag Thor Atticus is warned by none other the Jesus over beer fish chips to be sure of his actions as their very far reaching and will be very painful to those he’s come to care for After getting his affairs in orders in Tempe Atticus and co set off to destroy the thunder god We’re given a glimpse into the lives of those whose that Thor has hurt making you not only step back and view the actions and very some huge surprises but truly feel the pain he’s caused Hearne I felt did an great job playing with the whole god theme with the balance issue of hanging on to our humanity or playing as spoiled little children with god powers uestions of what makes us truly human to the choices we tend to make shape our lives and the effects But what would we do if we’re given gifts and long life and losing ourselves our lack of empathy tor not caring and doing damage on a whim These are not only asked but shown through Thor Atticus and Lief Many uestions and What would you have done different stay with the readers long after There is a slight cliffhanger after all is said and done leading to the next book ;; gotta wait till ‘12 though and a great little bonus story which focus on Granuaile whose really coming into her own This is an excellent addition new addiction to this amazing seriesMarry me Atticus holds out a big diamond ringand sword on bended knee “Vampires inspire screams not suees Involuntary urination is common I grant but it properly flows from a sense of terror not an ecstatic sense of hero worship” “It properly flows Are we having a pee pun party” “If I do not aim carefully at my targets I might cause a big splash at the stadium” “Oh very punny You will show them what yellow cowards they are” I said “Right after I flush them out of the crowd” “You will rain down upon their porcelain skin a deluge of justice” “Ugh And I will have to wash my hands afterward”