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Sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big time So is Christian Steele a rookie uarterback and Myron's prized client But when Christian gets a phone call from a former girlfriend a woman who everyone including the police believes is dead th. I listened to the audio version of Deal Breaker Myron with his witty sense of humor and sarcasm had me laughing and cringing at the same time It is an easy fun and entertaining book Just what I needed

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Deal BreakerE deal starts to go sour Trying to unravel the truth about a family's tragedy a woman's secret and a man's lies Myron is up against the dark side of his business where image and talent make you rich but the truth can get you killedIn novels that crackle wit. 354★“ ‘I laugh in the face of death’ Myron replied ‘Well maybe not laugh More like a snicker A uiet snicker’‘Jesus you’re a lunatic’‘And I wouldn’t do it directly in death’s face So it’s like a uiet snicker behind his back’”He’s not a lunatic but his pal Win might be Myron Bolitar who has never forgiven his parents for his name he says is a sports agent on a uest to get his star football player signed up with the best contract possible Myron was a star basketball player himself with a promising professional future until an injury put him in a wheelchair long enough to kill his career His college roommate Windsor Horne Lockwood III is a well connected wealthy WASP from an old family and the two have stayed friends Myron rents an office in one of Win’s buildings and he now shares his current dilemmas with Win First is the contract issue is the rookie Christian already committed to some shady characters who signed him illegally when he was a minor Second is that Christian’s ex girlfriend Kathy disappeared than a year ago presumed dead murdered and Christian has just received some strange information in the mail that indicates maybe Kathy’s alive Just another thing to upset the talented rookieThird Myron’s own ex girlfriend Jessica has reappeared after 4 years and she’s as irresistible as ever but oh yes she presents another couple of problems She is Kathy’s sister and now their father has just been murdered She’s convinced it was not a robbery but is connected to Kathy’s disappearanceThere’s enough to keep Myron and Win and assorted other characters busy for the rest of the book Myron is a likeable guy Win’s a scary off sider a little psychotic and the story takes them into uestionable places with even uestionable people No not uestionable because there’s no uestion that they are scary dudes The opening conversation above about snickering in the face of death was prefaced with this“ ‘They want to kill you They’re putting a contract out on your head’”So it’s all pretty serious this negotiating sports contracts even for a guy who stands 6’4” and is a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do Incidentally Win is a sixth degree black belt and has studied it since he was seven In college when he was once attacked for his wimpish blonde pretty boy looks by five big football players he went into full martial arts mode“Simply put the football team had a poor season that year Too many guys on the injured list”I read this because it’s Coben’s first book and I figured I’d start at the beginning because he’s so popular I thought I should let him introduce his people to me instead of relying on other readers do itThere is some nice catchy dialogue and for a first effort it’s an entertaining read with a complicated enough plot to be satisfyingI’m sure I’ll read another to see where he takes Myron I don’t know if I need to read them in order or not and would appreciate any advice

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Deal Breaker Review ¼ 2 ì ✮ [PDF] ✩ Deal Breaker By Harlan Coben ✻ – Sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big time So is Christian Steele a rookie uarterback and Myron's prized client But when Christian gets a phone call from a former girlfriend a wo Sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised oH wit and suspense Edgar Award winner Harlan Coben has created one of the most fascinating and complex heroes in suspense fiction Myron Bolitar a hotheaded tenderhearted sports agent who grows and engaging and unpredictable with each page turning appearance. I’ve been aware of Harlan Coben’s series of crimemystery novels starring a sports agent named Myron Bolitar for some time but never read one because I thought it’d be something like Jerry Maguire crossed with Murder She Wrote I figured Myron would always be tripping over dead baseball players killed by pitching machines or discovering the bodies of basketball players hanging from rims What I should have realized sooner is that modern sports can offer a great backdrop for a gritty mystery You’ve got an industry with huge amounts of money involved with famous personalities always getting caught up in gambling scandals dog fighting rape accusations domestic violence drug abuse manslaughter and the occasional player shooting someone else or themselves so sports is the perfect environment to set a crime novelMyron was once a college basketball star with Duke Boo Duke before a knee injury ruined his chances for a pro career Myron went on to get a law degree from Harvard worked as some kind of secret undercover agent for the FBI and now has taken up being a sports agent One assumes that he’ll also be a cowboy and an astronaut someday tooChristian Steele is Myron’s biggest client A talented clean cut uarterback who looks to be the next Aaron Rodgers Steele is every agent’s dream Myron is in the midst of negotiations with a tough and unscrupulous NFL owner over Christian’s first contract when the player gets a shocking piece of mail Christian’s girlfriend Kathy had disappeared a year ago from their college campus and everyone assumes the worst Christian receives a pornographic magazine with a nude photo of Kathy in a phone sex ad Fearing scandal or some kind of set up that will ruin Christian’s NFL chances Myron begins checking into the ad and what happened to Kathy Things are complicated because Myron’s ex girlfriend Jessica was Kathy’s sister and their father was recently murdered If that isn’t enough Myron has to deal with another sleazy agent and his gangster pal who are trying to strong arm one of his clients into leaving Myron for themFortunately like most heroes of a crime series Myron has a bad ass friend he can count on for help Windsor ‘Win’ Horne Lockwood III seems like the kind of preppy who would make Niles Crane look tough but Win is Myron’s former FBI partner and a ruthless killer when need be Plus he uses his financial business to advise Myron’s clients so he can get your portfolio suared away in between ass kickingsThe whole premise for this is obviously far fetched but Corben gets it grounded enough to make the story enjoyable Myron is a likeable smart ass with a wry sense of humor and Win is hilarious I also liked how Corben built up the idea that Myron’s skills as a lawyer and former detective are also valuable as a sports agent and vice versa In one scene Myron deals with a brutal negotiation with the NFL owner and in another he’s working out a deal with a vicious gangster There’s precious little difference between the twoThis book also has a big time warp element since it was written in 1995 Like Michael Connelly’s The Poet I found some of the things like car phones and print pornography to be almost uaint now But the biggest laugh is that Corben named the team that Christian is going to play pro football for the Titans I assumed this meant the Tennessee Titans but then the story describes their facilities at the Meadowlands in New Jersey It was only then that I realized that the Tennessee Titans were still the Houston Oilers in 1995 and that Corb